“Creativity Is The Life Force Of Evolving Consciousness”
O(map) Theory Of Creativity Definition)
Creativity Is Not What You Think, It Is How You See.
It Will Change How You See

The O(map) Book

Is a full description of the creativity spectrum told through the 15 colour diagrams of the O(map) theory. It also tells the story of how artistic research helped me to discover it, and how this realisation has changed my life.

Welcome to the O(map). It will change how you see. 

About the O(map)

The O(map) is a theory of creativity researched by artist Catherine Barron, that deals with the problem of defining what creativity is, by describing how it works.

The theory is based on the realisation that creativity manifests as a spectrum, which is artistically explored and visually articulated through 15 colour diagrams.

Corroboration for the visual indicators has found broad agreement with research in various disciplines that include neuroscience, physiology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy to name but a few.

The O(map) definition relates specifically to human beings, and concludes that creativity is the life force of evolving consciousness in space and time.

O(map) Services

Online Creativity Course

Creative is how you are. Understand the creative force, learn how to harness your creativity, and make of your life what you will. Explore more
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Creativity Team Building Event

This is a fun interactive mobile creativity casino that can be set up at a conference centre of your choice, or at the O(map) home base at Crews conference centre in Dungarvan co. Waterford.
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O(map) Theory Performance Lecture

This is a one hour performance lecture synopsising the entire O(map) theory of creativity.
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Creativity Consultancy

Individual and business mentoring
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